Prophecy about alien invasion could soon be fulfilled

Prophecy about alien invasion could soon be fulfilled


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The grisly prophecy about the end of the world that could be fulfilled
There are too many prophecies that tell how the end of the world will truly be, some mention extraterrestrials, others mention Nibiru, the great destructive planet where the mythical Anunnaki live, others say that diseases and wars will end everything we know and, finally, that thanks to our own actions the earth will become a ball of fire. The prophets, although coming from different parts of the world, have agreed on some of these revelations, one of them being the alien invasion.

Parravicini, for example, was one of the most faithful believers in extraterrestrial life and while he did not refer to them as evil beings, he certainly knew that they visited us and carried out many experiments, studies and projects with humans under the permission of the governments of the world. On the other hand, we have Baba Vanga and Nostradamus, whose prophecies are not so far-fetched with regard to the end of the world, but there is something else that leaves the people of the world in complete shock.

Bible prophecy terrifies many people
While they had already said a date for the fulfillment of the most grisly Bible prophecy in history and nothing happened, this does not mean that the events described in the ancient texts will not happen in the future. When we hear the trumpets of the angels in heaven, let us be sure that the end has come and that there will be no messiah or prophet who can avoid that. When we mention the Bible, we realize that many of the things described there actually happened, and what makes us think that this time it won’t happen?

The conspirators are trying to figure out which of these theories or prophecies is going to be fulfilled first, not to mention that everything is going to happen at the same time, although that is a possibility.