Origins of the extraterrestrial mystery on Earth and the first recorded abduction

Orígenes del misterio extraterrestre en la Tierra y la primera abdución registrada


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The case of alien abduction that stunned the whole world
The extraterrestrial abductions have a quite ancient origin, however, it was from 1961 that the cases began to take on a lot of force, so much so that the reports began to grow and each story was documented and subsequently published. Ufologists have been very important since then, as they are the ones in charge of studying the veracity of each situation depending on the details provided and the similarities between one story and another.

The first case of abduction occurred in 1961 when a couple returned from vacation. As they drove along in their car the day came to an end until it simply turned around at night. Then, in the middle of the road, they could observe a star in motion, they took it as a shooting star and they bordered to see better. When the supposed star was close enough, they realized that it was a ship and that it had crew members. Seconds later, a blinding light enveloped and absorbed them.

The alien ship kidnapped them for two hours.
The couple returned to the mainland for what they thought were seconds, but it turns out that when they saw their watches, they realized that there were 2 hours of which they remembered absolutely nothing. As the days went by they remembered fragments of that night, although it was not really relevant at all, but the nightmares were torture. They had to go to a professional to have hypnosis performed and to find out what happened that night.

It was there that they learned that extraterrestrial beings had kidnapped them, even remembering the appearance of those creatures and everything they did to them, among so many other things, they did strange tests and experiments on them. This whole situation reached every corner of the world and inspired several people, including the publication of a book called “The Interrupted Journey” and the film “The UFO Incident”. After that, more people told their stories.