Nikola Tesla: Inventions to discover aliens and their communication with them


Invention of the first machine capable of searching for extraterrestrial life
He is undoubtedly considered one of the most important geniuses of all time, and it seems incredible that anyone would be able to innovate so much in such a remote age. Nikola Tesla, renowned scientist, inventor, engineer and above all, one of the most concerned and diligent men in terms of future issues was involved. Among his most prominent interests was the desire to discover alien intelligence, as he was convinced that there was something beyond Earth with which to share certain things.

Several scientific studies have given Tesla the invention of a machine that seeks life beyond the ends of the earth. In this case, it is a wireless transmitter whose primary function is to conduct radio waves focused at different points distant from the solar system.

In addition to that, the creation of what is known as the death ray is attributed to him, it consists of the development of high-energy laser weapons, in a few words it talks about directed energy and its different modalities. According to him, these laser beams would have the objective of destroying different points located more than 400 kilometers away from the weapon. If we have a broad vision like Tesla’s, we could use the use of directed energy to efficiently propel a spaceship and find life off our planet.

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This option is proposed because it is known that whatever the destination to explore in space is far away, so it would take an immense amount of years just to get anywhere, if you use the classic energy supply systems.

Did you really contact the aliens?
One of the reasons why this great genius was not “accepted” at the time within the guild of the most brilliant scientists, was because of his eccentricity and his high desire to communicate with the extraterrestrials, the researchers of the time took it as a mockery to their intellects.

However, there is no reliable evidence that such contact actually existed, only a supposed cosmic signal that he perceived from Venus or Mars in 1899, but nothing concrete.