NASA’s Revealing Method For Capturing Extraterrestrials

Revelador Método De La NASA Para Captar Extraterrestres


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NASA scientists assume the existence of extraterrestrials and are looking for a way to communicate with them, to confirm once and for all this great discovery that has been in theories for centuries. But why does the National Aeronautics and Space Administration want to claim that there is alien life? Are you trying to warn us about something in the future? Will it affect us if we’re on millions of planets? All these questions are being answered.

NASA is about to announce alien life
The discovery that life exists on other planets has kept scientists on their toes to keep searching for evidence in the cosmos. Taking into account the missions and activities focused on finding aliens, you are about to find the great find in history.

A couple of weeks ago NASA announced 219 existing planets, one of which resembles the earth, where they orbit at a certain distance; scientists thought the universe could not create rocky planets with heavy elements during their formation, previously it was said that only helium and hydrogen existed. However, they have shown that the universe has the ability to form very dense planets after the Big Bang theory.

And all this increases the possibility of extraterrestrial life, because there are very ancient solar systems that house planets similar to the earth. The discovery of the rocky planets was formed much earlier than expected and when rocks are formed, life is created.

New NASA technique to discover extraterrestrial life
A new alternative to detecting life on other planets seems to be working. Scientists say it would make the task simple, speeding up reliability and speeding up alien life.

It consists of a test called capillary electrophoresis that analyzes amino acids or protein building blocks. This method performed by the famous NASA laboratory is sensitive to many of the existing procedures for detecting life form.

The researchers performed this important analysis by combining liquid sample, mixing reagent and laser beam, allowing them to detect molecules with different velocities, in search of reactions to electric fields.

Through this method they are able to differentiate between amino acids from living sources and those from non-living organisms (meteorites).

This test was carried out in California “Monkey Lake” for its high salt content, making it a very hostile environment. The atmosphere of the planet Mars was recreated on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter and other worlds of the solar system.

The heat given by the gravitational pull of collisions could extend the existence of oceans on the surface of frozen worlds outside the solar system. Every time it’s time to find the aliens. What will happen to humanity?

As NASA undertakes new missions we will be one step closer to announcing the existence of extraterrestrials. But don’t miss the following compilation of animals found on the planet Mars: