NASA SOHO Satellite Captures Extraterrestrial Angels

NASA SOHO Satellite Captures Extraterrestrial Angels

For several years now NASA’s SOHO satellite has been able to bring a group of images showing the silhouette of an extraterrestrial angel.
The subject of extraterrestrials is quite controversial among all of us. While NASA over the years has dedicated itself to finding life on other planets, none of this has been proven yet.

Through time, many testimonies of people, and even astronauts, have said that they managed to visualize space beings. Which has caused an even greater controversy about the existence of other races different from ours.

And if we add to all this the religious issue, it really complicates things even more. And that’s precisely what theories about the images captured by NASA’s SOHO satellite have been suggesting. The presence of extraterrestrial angels.

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What did NASA’s SOHO satellite actually capture?
This new satellite used by NASA’s most expert scientists was able to capture some very interesting images. It is the appearance of what many have said has the figure of an angel with wings spread.

For several years now, NASA has shown this type of images that many think could be errors of the satellite. However, several and numerous theories have been said about all this.

Even several experts in the matter, have affirmed that they are unidentified flying objects. Scientists have said that they are giant extraterrestrial spacecraft and that they would be approaching the sun. Or that they may come from distant galaxies.

However, no theory has been proven so far. For the time being, this is an unresolved phenomenon. This has generated mysteries and enigmas among all the NASA scientists who are trying to give a logical explanation to all these facts.