NASA is withholding information about the existence of extraterrestrial life on Mars.

vida extraterrestre en marte real


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DiGregorio will file a report to prove alien life on Mars
While many wonder what lies beyond the solar system, NASA is holding back valuable information about extraterrestrial life, says scientist Barry DiGregorio. This Astrobiologist from the University of Buckingham suggests that NASA has known for many years that there is alien life on several planets of the universe, including Mars. He also mentions that they have been visiting us and making secret deals with various governments around the world.

For Digregorio, NASA has hidden the fact that extraterrestrials do exist and that they inhabit the neighboring planet, Mars. He was able to draw these conclusions thanks to the images of a Martian explorer called Curiosity, in which bodies of white skin can be observed on the surface of the red planet and according to the scientist, they are alien beings. For its part, NASA has issued a statement denying this hypothesis and stating that they are only crystals. For that reason, the agency prevented the scout from doing any more research on those objects, which they said were unimportant.

In the face of this, DiGregorio argued that crystals do not have the ability to add or multiply on their own, much less bend or move as a living being would. NASA’s excuse is extremely unstable and the human race deserves to know that it is not alone on earth, that there is life beyond our own planet and that, furthermore, these beings have visited the earth. In addition, he said that the mere fact of having prevented the investigation from continuing on its feet was a fairly convincing clue to the veracity of his words, since for years the agency has wanted to do studies on Mars and now that they have sufficient reasons to do so, they quickly give up.

The scientist doesn’t know exactly why NASA has withheld this important information from us, but he will certainly fight for the truth to come out.