NASA claims to be on the verge of finding extraterrestrial life

La NASA afirma estar a punto de encontrar vida extraterrestre

This is NASA’s plan to meet aliens for the next 10 years.
NASA has sent a considerable number of probes, robots and spacecraft into space to collect important information about the universe. Until now, everything had been studied from the planets of our solar system to the exoplanets located in other galaxies. NASA currently has very important plans for the world’s people, as its scientists have said that by the next decade, they will have made contact with the aliens.

The main objective of the New Horizons project is to find all the extraterrestrial life forms that exist in the universe. Astrophysics Adriana Ocampo is in charge of carrying out this research and mentions that in a few months they could be finding microorganisms or aliens in the different celestial bodies under study.

Even the asteroid OSIRIS-REx is planned to be explored further due to its age and darkness. Several samples will probably be taken from the asteroid to make the relevant studies.

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Once NASA finds the aliens, contact begins.
The motivation of this project has been all the missions sent to Mars for years, in which they were able to find sources of water and other essential elements for life to be generated in a celestial body. In fact, on more than one occasion there has been talk of the possibility of colonizing Mars, bearing this in mind, it is quite possible that extraterrestrial civilizations exist somewhere on the surface of the red planet or in the subsoil, as many conspirators think.

Another stellar object that can be taken into account for research is the Moon of Jupiter, Europe, in which liquid water and natural geysers similar to those we have on earth have recently been found. If the studies go as the experts think, it is almost certain that within a decade or so, our history will change, as we would find extraterrestrial life and maintain contact with them.