Mysterious alien lady was seen in Japan in 1803 (video)


The millenary Japanese culture constitutes one of the most advanced civilizations of the planet, emphasized by its philosophy of life that rises the constant surpassing of the being and the elevation of the mind, above the lustful inclinations of the flesh. It should be noted that this level of profound wisdom has been transmitted from parent to child for hundreds of generations and in the process of training have had the support and instruction of outstanding extraterrestrial masters, as evidenced by the visit of a mysterious alien lady who was seen in Japan in 1803.

The peace goddess expressed in the form of a mysterious alien lady

Without fear of being mistaken we can say that the Japanese have built a developed society composed of superior individuals, and we say this without any xenophobic connotation, but rather taking into account the level of wisdom and spiritual understanding exhibited by its natives, which has made of Japan a large nation.

It should be noted that the greatness of this Asian country is also due in large part to the influence of the peace goddess who made constant visits to the island, manifesting herself in the form of an alien lady. The ancient tribal chiefs maintained a close relationship with this extraterrestrial deity and raised that nation based on the principles instructed by it.

For this reason the ancestral Japanese could live in harmony, engaged in achieving the true purpose of the human being on earth, which isn’t to accumulate land, gold or power, but to be happy and to make our world a better place to live.

However, towards the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century the government of that country began to depart from the old principles on which the nation was founded since ancient times, and imposed on its people an imperial ideology, by which Japan began to participate in wars, with the purpose of expanding its territory and power, an issue that displeased the peace goddess and therefore turned away from them.

This road led Japan to ruin, since for a time the supreme Japanese emperor managed to expand his dominion, terrorizing other nations and degrading the human quality of its people, which ended with the detonation of two atomic bombs by its North American enemies, being one of the greatest misfortunes of the humanity history.

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Japan learns the lesson

This hard blow caused both the people and the government of that great Asian nation to reflect and decide to return to the ancient paths marked by the principles of the alien peace goddess, who had been their spiritual guide for thousands of years.

As a result of this decision, Japan dissolved its army, vowed never again to participate in any war and to be faithful for eternity to the values of harmony and fellowship, which have made them one of the most advanced societies on earth.

Since then there are no records that speak of any other personal visit of the peace goddess to her Japanese people, but she also manifests in each of them, who have made their nation and its people an example for the world, what it means to resurface from a tragedy to become even larger than they were before.

Other paranormal manifestations

Although the peace goddess hasn’t personally visited the, again, or at least no report has been recorded regarding this, in recent years there have been documented experiences related to the presence of UFOs or very peculiar individuals, which have even talked to some peasants and fishermen revealing strange messages.

Some expert theorists argue that these strange beings, which have been shown by the population, could be sent by the peace goddess, which was originally manifested in the form of a mysterious alien lady, but now preferred to do so through intermediaries, to send gifts to her people and receive news from them.

In fact, the possibility has also been raised that the key to Japan’s remarkable technological progress in recent years is the gifts of alien origin received by the leaders of the Asian nation to distribute among its people.

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