Messages sent to the universe could cause aliens to invade us.


Aliens could invade and destroy us.
During the last century, what was once the Soviet Union was responsible for sending a series of messages into space in order to find extraterrestrial life and there was no answer that we humans understood, fortunately. Currently a project called Sonar did something similar, as they sent into space gold records with paintings and sounds representing human culture and intellect that can be considered as good initiatives and part of evolution, however, the results could be different and scientists and researchers have taken charge of viralizing their thoughts on this.

First of all, if messages are sent to space it is because in one way or another it is known that extraterrestrial life does exist, in fact, Voyager’s gold disks have a specific address: GJ273b, an exoplanet with elements similar to those of the earth and a perfect candidate for exploration, as experts believe that because of its location it can hold extraterrestrial life.

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If extraterrestrial life invades us, it will be the scientists’ fault.
In the remote event that the aliens manage to find, decipher our messages and come to Earth with the intention of destruction, all the blame will fall on the Sonar project, because it was they who, without consulting the citizens of the world, sent those signals. Scientists claim consistent evidence: What if your home planet is beginning to deteriorate and you want one where you can continue to live and reproduce?

Even the late scientist Stephen Hawking was against this initiative and said that if these beings discover the earth, the story of Columbus will repeat itself when he arrived in America, only this time, the result will be a bloody extermination in its entirety, because it is possible that the extraterrestrials will destroy us humans and animals that inhabit it.