Men in black, the ones in charge of silencing those who tell the alien truth

We all know that the UFO and extraterrestrial movement is considered more of a pop culture today than something real.

We all know that the UFO and extraterrestrial movement is considered more of a pop culture today than something real. However, many specialists around the world are convinced that they are real and the government that governs the world order has taken care of hiding them from us. Among the conspiracy theories, one of the most talked about topics is the existence of the Men in Black, a group of “silencers” in charge of silencing all those who come too close to the truth.

Men in Black are an icon, now well known for the saga of films, yet they have an origin and a past that, perhaps, makes even the most skeptical of the subject doubtful.

The Men in Black, the silencers of extraterrestrial mysteries.
UFO fever was at its peak in the 1950s. During the time, the sighting of unidentified objects, associated mostly with beings from outer space. Ufologists began to expand, acquiring more and more knowledge, gathering among themselves to debate theories and becoming an increasingly mediatic phenomenon.

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However, many of these ufologists, from one moment to the next, left the subject aside and decided to remain silent forever, causing a commotion among the mass of followers who were gaining in ufology. Rumors began to spread like wildfire and the belief that they had been “silenced” by force took such power that specialists claimed that there was indeed a specialized organization to silence those who wanted to teach the world the truth.

Who are the silencers of extraterrestrial events?
There are many descriptions, but they all have one thing in common; they are cold, calculating, as if they had no emotions and have a robotic expression that could freeze anyone and, most importantly, they were always impeccably dressed in black suits.

At first they were known as silencers, but because of their main characteristic (the suit), the nickname “Men in Black” remained on the retina and ears of everyone involved.

The different theories assume that it could be some specialized division of the CIA, NASA and even many think that they are captured aliens working under government orders. It sounds crazy, but there are many cases of sightings and even of someone who managed to cope with them: Albert K. Bender