Life in outer space, the Russians hide a shocking truth

Vida en el espacio exterior, los rusos ocultan una verdad impactante

Life in outer space has been a mystery to all the specialists and scientists who have dedicated their lives to studying the universe. Many theories have been put forward concerning them; some claim that extraterrestrial life could be a danger to humanity, others comment that there is credible evidence to show that, on the contrary, it could only be an advance in technology. However, the issue is still taboo and the reality is that the secrecy of governments and entities on the subject makes it impossible to know for certain whether or not they are a danger to the planet and everything that inhabits it.

Bacteria from outer space found on the International Space Station.
It is likely that many have seen the images taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, which was launched into outer space by Russia. However, the scientists in charge of the launch have claimed to have found a possible extraterrestrial bacterium, as it was not on the surface of the spacecraft at the time of launch.

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Despite the fact that, in the few and brief statements they have made, they assured that the bacteria do not represent a danger to the living organisms of the planet, the truth is that it is not known for certain that they have discovered in the studies that have been carried out and if in fact this shows that there is life in outer space.

Proof of life in outer space.
However, ufologists and astronomers from around the world have anchored themselves in the news to ensure that this is nothing more than blunt proof that outer space is home to life, opening the debate once again on possible forms of extraterrestrial life.

NASA and the Russian government themselves have tried to give a scientific explanation of the origin of the bacteria, claiming that they may be due to the phenomenon of ionospheric elevation, but have said nothing more concrete, leaving us with the expectation.

Is it really proof of extraterrestrial life that they have brought to light by some mistake? We do not know, but this is not the first time that governments of world powers have withheld information from us about cases involving UFOs and outer space.