Jesus Christ was of extraterrestrial origin and the Vatican knows this.

Jesus Christ was of extraterrestrial origin and the Vatican knows this.

Recently the Vatican’s microscopic observatory held a conference on extraterrestrial life where the most important astrobiologists from around the world held a conference to discuss the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life on other worlds within the next two decades, what has commonly been called the search for extraterrestrial brotherhood.

Proof that Jesus was an alien hybrid
Many people have automatically wondered why this interest or even that the Vatican is hiding related information, the extraterrestrial theme that would change the beliefs of the whole world and according to the theorists one of these mysterious information reveals that Jesus was of extraterrestrial origin, being the most controversial theory in the history of mankind.

According to some experts the birth of Jesus Christ could really be an extraterrestrial intervention and the happy son of God would actually be the son of an extraterrestrial being, therefore he would be an extraterrestrial hybrid.

The hypothesis is that when the angels visited Mary in what she perceived as a dream; it was really a visit by extraterrestrials, these beings artificially inseminated her with genetically modified sperm. This alien was the Angel Gabriel who was a member of an alien race; Jesus was qualified as having superhuman abilities.

Mary gave birth to Jesus even when she was a virgin, so Jesus was one of the first human extraterrestrial hybrids. It really is an enigma, but if we look more closely at the birth of Jesus, the four gospels mention the life of Jesus, but they are the gospels of Matthew and Luke, they refer to the biological miracle of a virgin woman who becomes pregnant by an act of God and gives birth to a son, and it was through these two versions of the gospel state that Jesus’ state was elevated to the status of the saving gods with the contribution of Matthew and Luke, the story was changed by the birth of a virgin.

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The star of Bethlehem really was the arrival of an alien
According to Matthew the alien representation, Gabriel appeared to Joseph, while Luke, said that it was to Mary, according to local writers the announcement made by Gabriel took place before the conception of Mary and after conception the writings of Matthew and other extraterrestrial influences that surrounded the birth of Jesus are the star of Bethlehem, which indicates the location of the birth and that the star is believed to be actually a UFO. Between the birth of Jesus and his works and miracles that took place in the place around the age of 30 this can be considered a long waste of time.

Experts indicate that during that time, the hybrid Jesus may have been instructed, trained and perhaps guided by his extraterrestrial father, this includes the preparation of miracles, exorcisms. Controlling nature by healing the sick and raising the dead, but the ultimate proof that Jesus was not a human and possibly extraterrestrial in origin is the physical resurrection mentioned in the four Gospels. Mark relates that Jesus was brutally beaten by the Roman guards who crowned him with thorns and crucified him at the ninth hour which was three o’clock in the afternoon of that day.

This cloth was wrapped in fine linen and today it is rumored to have a miraculous trace of the body of Christ, what remains of this cloth is the famous shroud of Turin. The events of Easter morning was a true event, a supernatural puzzle, that moment when I rise from the dead that until now Jewish priests indicate is a heavenly soul moved the colossal rock that blocked the entrance of the tomb with a force Who really did it?

Do you really think Jesus is of extraterrestrial origin? The church was selling us a farce!