Is there extraterrestrial life on planet earth? The octopuses could confirm it.


Octopuses can be an alien life form on planet earth.
For many years theories have been growing that extraterrestrial beings have visited and settled on planet earth. We have never been able to test all these hypotheses despite the many ufological sightings in different parts of the world, however, scientists do not give up and have provided us with information from their most recent studies, in which they explain to us how extraterrestrial life has arrived on our planet.

Complete organisms of extraterrestrial beings are on planet earth.

33 researchers of ufological phenomena from different universities around the world have issued a statement in the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, in which they talk about the existence of a series of complete organisms that could come from other planets, including animals, plants and even bacteria that move through the air. These explosions of life cause the evolutionary line of most living beings on our planets to reproduce at alarming levels.

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In this sense, experts say that these organisms can easily adapt to our atmospheres in a short period of time and reproduce in them, for example, octopuses. If we read a part of the theory of the panspermia, we can realize that life did not occur only on our planet. In addition, one of the most controversial comments in the journal is that scientists maintain that the genetic makeup has not originated on planet earth, but comes from external factors, specifically from the so-called “rain of alien material”.

With this rain, genetic materials are transferred from the different extraterrestrial races that exist and that, thanks to space technology, were able to approach our galaxy. Scientists, including Chandra Wickramasinghe and Edward Steele, have presented evidence to support their studies, and those that can be considered true are the retroviruses. Other experts have declined these theories and say that all these views can be explained by another point of view.