Is Nibiru really an alien ship? A big stir at NASA

Is Nibiru really an alien ship? A big stir at NASA

We all know that Nibiru could be the planet that could destroy the Earth in the future, according to prophecies of different past civilizations. However, organisms such as NASA and other astronomers deny the existence of this planet and, obviously, that it will cause the destruction of the planet in the future. But a new theory has come to light: according to recent leaks, Nibiru is just one giant spaceship.

It wouldn’t be a celestial body, a star or a dwarf planet. It would be a work of alien technology, a spacecraft that has already passed through the planet before and is about to visit us once again.

A spaceship of colossal proportions. The reality of Nibiru.
In many religions we hear about God, a just, divine being, who helps his believers when they do good and punishes them when they do evil. Nibiru could be that God, and although it sounds like sacrilege, we are not the first to say it. The Sumerian civilization spoke of the Anunnaki and their Reptilian gods, as they created them and gave them knowledge of physics, mathematics and astronomy.

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In fact, in many Sumerian tablets we can observe complex solar systems, dragon-like beings. Nibiru could be a gigantic special ship manned by Anunnakis who is about to visit his creation after giving him free will.

Nibiru is our destroyer?
Maybe so, maybe not. According to this theory, at least we know that it is not a wandering celestial body guided by the gravitational force of other planetary bodies and is an object manipulated at will, so it would not collide with the earth.

However, it is in our direction and is approaching us little by little. What could it mean if a flying object of such a size were to come too close to the earth, could it cause a catastrophe in the form of a global obituary, or could its technology prevent any damage? But more importantly, what will the Anunnakis want, will it be our apocalypse or will we be ready to receive new advanced technological knowledge that will help advance humanity?