Is it Possible for an Alien Virus to Spill on the Internet?


Extraterrestrial Virus:

Extraterrestrial Virus, this concept that Ivan Martínez tackled in his YouTube channel (Great Mystery) citing theories of Andrew Siemion and Milan Cirkovic, who have speculated about what could happen if a malware or an alien virus penetrated our computer systems. Are we ready for an extraterrestrial computer attack?

These researchers assert that the possibilities exist and this chaotic event could actually occur, could even be happening at this precise moment without having detected them.

Sometimes teenagers who are no more than 14 years old have the ability to program the most dangerous viruses, but then, do you imagine that you could become a more intelligent extraterrestrial race? Could they take complete control of our communications?

Virus Extraterrestre

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If we reflect, this theory has great logic and may be our weakest point in the face of an extraterrestrial threat. Wouldn’t it make sense to spy on a civilization before invading it? So, are we vulnerable to the threat of an alien virus? Apparently if and even there doesn’t seem to be any precautionary measures before an attempt at extraterrestrial hacking.

Astronomers handled the possibility that a malicious code may reach the earth in the form of a radio frequency and be intercepted by the radios telescopes that we have pointing to deep space, these radios telescopes try to “process” huge amounts of information and in this process explains that it could “filter” an alien malicious code and infect our communications.

A brute-force attack at layer level 1 of the OSI model is nothing out of the ordinary, at that level the networks transfer bits (ones and zeros) that with enough intelligence could be altered or penetrated with new external bits. Have you considered the possibility that an alien race was spying on you right now?