Is extraterrestrial life the same as human life?


Hypotheses and beliefs about extraterrestrial life in the universe
During the last century the number of people believing in extraterrestrial life was increasing, this is due to the number of UFO sightings captured in different territories of the world, the futuristic visions of some prophets and even by the statements of the supposed people who were abducted by these beings. However, within each hypothesis there is a question mark and it is often repeated by chance among the scientific and conspiratorial community: Why don’t aliens manifest themselves freely? Perhaps it is because of a treaty with the world’s governments or simply because they do not believe it is appropriate to do so, not yet.

According to ufologists, extraterrestrials are creatures of different races, including a special one very much like us. They are about 2 meters long and look the same as humans, only they are stronger, have more sensory powers and their language can be adapted. There are several reports of people claiming to have spoken to beings of this type and in turn say that they warned them about future eventualities that after several years ended up happening.

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Alien life may be trapped in a parallel world
There is also the possibility that other alien races are trapped in a parallel world. Experts believe that the amount of dark matter in the universe is capable of originating parallel universes and that this is where the aliens may be located, this makes a lot of sense considering that recently a large UFO was seen in the United States passing through an interdimensional portal. In this sense, while scientists search for alien life on Mars and other planets, they find themselves on a different plane from us.

On the other hand, some scientists say that alien life has not been discovered because they are found in frozen oceans located on the coldest planets in the universe. Either way, each theory merits further study in order to obtain evidence, of which we are certain that extraterrestrials do exist.