Incredible UFO (alien) flies over a British air base.


UFOs and extraterrestrial life has become an exciting subject, which is why sighting one has become an obsession for the community, especially in Britain, since the closure of the UFO department of the UK Ministry of Justice ceased all professional activity related to the subject. However, the spread of UFO sightings has not stopped and the most recent one occurred no less than at a Royal British Air Force base. A 19-year-old boy captured what could be the most recent UFO sightings in the British country.

UFO sightings in Britain, an alien spacecraft overflies Air Base.
Wycombe is a British district where one of the Royal British Air Force bases is located, where the last UFO sighting was taken from in the country of England. The event was captured by 19-year-old Lucas Budel, who with his video camera recorded a flying object that was moving erratically across the sky.

According to Lucas’ testimony, he was sitting in front of the computer in his room when, from his balcony, he observed a shining object falling from the sky. Surprised, at first he thought it was a meteorite falling on the ground, but he never imagined that the strange light would then stop in full descent and after a few seconds, it would leave quickly.

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The RAF and its connection to aliens and UFOs.
Interestingly, this Royal British Air Force base was one of those designated to study UFO-related sightings before British intelligence decided to suspend its extraterrestrial activities. According to many ufologists and conspiracy theorists, the studies did not really stop and all they did was try to prevent people from becoming more involved with the subject. What happened at Wycombe is just proof that the studies are continuing and that the UFOs are visiting us.

the alien UFO

It cannot be hidden that what is observed in the images is fascinating and mysterious. What initially looks like an object from space, leaving a trail as it enters the atmosphere stops and flies aimlessly before it leaves. Undoubtedly a strange event that has surprised both locals and strangers. The British community remains astonished by what has happened and remains alert should a new extraterrestrial signal be revealed within its territory.