Impressive! Impressive! Alien spacecraft picked up in Russia

Impressive! Impressive! Alien spacecraft picked up in Russia


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Extraterrestrial life has visited our planet
Ufologists, conspirators and some people around the world are convinced that extraterrestrial life really exists and that they are distributed in various territories of our planet, with the United States being one of the potential places of extraterrestrial settlement, in fact, there is sufficient evidence to think that area 51, in addition to being a secret military base, is the main home of aliens on earth. But in addition to the U.S., there are other countries where these creatures can live, such as Mexico, Argentina and Russia.

The UFO sightings that have been recorded during this century are located in different parts of Latin America, Europe and part of the United States, however, no matter how much photographic evidence is provided to experts and scientists, none of them want to believe that extraterrestrials exist. There are ufologists who have even experienced abductions and NASA continues to deny this type of fact. Recently there was a UFO sighting in Russia and although the comments are varied, most think it is actually an alien ship.

Alien spacecraft in Russia generates commotion and fear
A Crimean villager saw a UFO and managed to record it with his cell phone camera. In the video you can see a small object that flies over the lake, many Internet users commented that it is a bird or a small child’s toy, however, both ideas were discarded because the object did not have wings and, on the other hand, the video does not show any children nearby, in fact, there are not even people in the adjacencies.

Because of the size of the UFO, it is believed that it may belong to the alien race of “dwarf gray dwarfs” creatures of tiny size, gray skin, large eyes and a round head larger than the body itself. It is no wonder that this type of ship is seen in the world because it is this race that visits our planet most to conduct experiments on humans.