IMPACTING! NASA admits being in touch with Aliens but forgot to mention it.


NASA confirms contact with aliens

Trish Chamberson, an official spokeswoman for NASA has confirmed that there is extraterrestrial life, not only admitted it, but also confirmed that aliens have been visiting us for thousands of years and not only that, but have been in contact us.

The revelation has been given in the talk of more than 2 hours, where he has explained the previous said and also have the theory (almost confirmed) that have been helped thousands of years in the construction of mega structures as The Pyramids of Giza and other thousands of buildings that the portals like this have already explained.

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In the meeting he also explained other issues that you should highlight, such as mining in the solar system, where he has already said that exists on the dark side of the moon, will soon start mining in Jupiter. Also confirmed that NASA is in contact with at least 4 Extraterrestrials of different Galaxies, it is possible to emphasize also that they are all friendly, although they are concerned to him to the nuclear weapons that affect and already they’ve affected the planet earth and the resources of our planet. Their only complaints as I have explained before are the nuclear weapons that not only affect the planet earth but the parallel universes every time nuclear weapons are used.

Although they are peaceful, they have asked human beings to inspect them since they wanted to have information about us, they have also allowed us to analyze people of their species, hence the many images that circulate in the network of scientists inspecting these species.

In conclusion dear readers, this is a proof already reliable source where already confirms the extraterrestrial life, who doesn’t want to open the eyes is already his problem.