Humanoid Skeletons Found in Issyk Kul Lake

The legends surrounding the lake were many, but the most common told the story of a hidden system of caves and humanoids.

Russia is a strange country. Many mysteries have been uncovered in that nation and some, to this day, still have no coherent explanation. One of them is that of Lake Issyk Kul, and that is when during the 1930s, a group of researchers were exploring the enigmatic lake, because rumors that “something” was the cause of the lake never freezing – unlike the rest of the lakes in the country – had spread throughout the country. That is why the name Issyk Kul literally means Hot Lake. What conclusion did the researchers come to? In the deep waters of the lake lived a race of humanoid beings.

Is there a humanoid race in the depths of Lake Issyk Kul?
The legends surrounding the lake were many, but the most common one told the story of a hidden system of caves, which is why the expedition began, made up of Russian government and local researchers who knew the area. According to the scientists, the locals were initially reluctant to tell their story, let alone guide them around the lake. But when they accepted, they were told that while fishing in the northwest they could see the entrance of what appeared to be a humanoid cave.

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The grotto seemed inaccessible to go by their own means, so they decided to return with specialized equipment the next day. When they came down, they made a discovery that would surprise them for the rest of their lives; three human skeletons lay at the bottom of the lake, the surprise being the 3 meters high they measured. The men, observing the great find, also noticed that around their necks, they hung a kind of silver necklace and, according to those involved, they had the shape of a bat. Something really interesting because, in the past, there had already been reports of UFOs with similar appearances around the world.

Legend or reality about humanoids?
What makes this discovery all the more enigmatic is that there is a legend in Kyrgyzstan’s village that mentions a “lost” city in the background of Issyk Kul. Where it is said that the last ruler of the city had been a great giant with pointed ears, who was able to move to the peaks of the frozen mountains at any moment.

The finding was obviously frightening for obvious reasons to those involved who made the decision not to disclose what had happened to date. However, fear did not prevent them from taking the silver amulets to melt them and sell them later. Although they claim that a fragment of the necklaces was kept as a souvenir of what happened.

No photograph has survived to date due to the age of the event. According to the scientists, there was no way to determine the age of the amulets or skeletons. No one else has ventured down to the lake, as locals forbid passage through local superstitions. However, this is not the first time we have heard of underground humanoid civilizations.