Google Maps Of Antarctic Images Confirm Extraterrestrials

Imagenes De Google Maps Sobre La Antártida Confirman Extraterrestres

Going into the world of google maps navigation you will find countless places that could be called as areas of mystery that have not yet been unveiled to the world as such, among these fantastic areas that can not be confirmed, but that cause a great skepticism among the paranormal, if you like, or what is true.

One of the most relevant mysteries captured by the application are the strange entries of the Antarctic, these holes when discovered by the application have brought much controversy in terms of opinions as they have been related to try to confirm theories, such as for example that the strange entries of the Antarctic are the confirmation that there are lives or underground civilizations of great evolution in comparison with us, the so-called intraterrestrial ones and the other theory relates to the fact that it could be an extraterrestrial base.

This is based on one of the captured images where a disk-shaped object is observed near one of the inputs.

Do the strange Antarctic entries captured by google maps confirm Extraterrestrial life?
The belief that the earth is hollow has always been in the arena of the paranormal. Many ufologists and theorists claim that there is some evidence that deep in the earth there is a system of tunnels or underground bases that connect places hundreds of kilometres apart and are used by the Intraterrestrials.

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Intraterrestrials would be the opposite of an alien we all know. Although, in fiction, intraterrestrials are usually recreated as mole-like monsters (blind, big ear, wild), proponents of the theory report that, like extraterrestrials, these beings could be of superior intelligence.

The images captured by the google application could mean two things; one, the entrance to one of these tunnels. Or two, entry to an alien base. Even in the images you can see the part of an unidentified object coming out of the ice that, at first glance, looks like a flying object.

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Images removed from google maps, are they hiding anything?
Although the mystery could easily have been denied by NASA or Microsoft itself, those involved decided to remove the satellite images without further explanation. It is not known what they wanted to generate with this action, but the collective hysteria that was generated reached such an impact that the event is still being debated.

Ufologists claim that there is no clearer evidence that this is something beyond our knowledge when the first option is to get rid of the evidence, in violation of the universal right to information. Google has not demonstrated despite being continually attacked by numerous communities, which is strange, because the cyber giant has always defended itself in the past when it has been right about an issue.