Google Maps captures alien spacecraft in Antarctica



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The alien ship captured by Google Maps
There have been many UFO appearances around the world, but recently Google Maps has become the platform that ufologists use to find some extraterrestrial trace on earth. The sighting of an alien spacecraft in Antarctica captured by Google Maps has caused a stir and impact on social networks, because although it is not the first time that a UFO has been detected in the Google application, this is the most accurate sighting with verifiable images. The last such event occurred in the Nevada desert.

YouTube user Keltuz Reveals was the person who discovered the alien ship through Google maps and claimed it had crashed in the Antarctic. Reveals was evaluating the most remote sites in Antarctica with Google Maps satellite cameras when he found the ship. The user recorded a video and shared it on his Youtube channel as proof that UFOs not only exist, but have visited our planet more than once.

In the video you can see a strange oval-shaped ship that apparently made a violent impact in one of the remote areas of Antarctica. Many people are shocked by this fact and although the Youtuber did not provide the coordinates of the alien ship, Reveals mentioned that there are many other UFO findings in Antarctica and that the truth has to be revealed both by NASA and by the rest of the scientists who have hidden the existence of the aliens and their constant visits to our planet.

The fact that Reveals has not specified the UFO coordinates has caused countless people to question his finding, mentioning that it is a complete farce. However, we are more than certain that we are not the only ones in the universe.