Google Maps captures alien ship on Kilauea volcano

Google Maps capta nave extraterrestre en el volcán Kilauea

The alien ship found by Google Maps predicts the end of the world.
Google Maps has become one of the most used platforms by people all over the world, this is due to everything you can find in it, even if they are ufological phenomena. It is not the first time that several users have found things related to extraterrestrials in the application and recently one of those cases is causing a stir on a large part of our planet, as one of the Google Maps cameras captured an alien ship flying over the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

The most important thing of all is that after this sighting, the volcano erupted and has caused damage and material losses throughout the territory due to the amount of lava that spreads through Hawaii. This has caused terror among Google Maps users and many people have come to the conclusion that this is the beginning of the end of the world and that, furthermore, extraterrestrial beings will be responsible for this fact.

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The alien ship was moving slowly, according to Google Maps
A well-known ufologist named Pedro Ramirez found the phenomenon while navigating the application. The expert says that just as he was looking around Punaluuu Black Sand Beach he saw a strange object flying over the volcano. In the images provided by the subject, you can see an oval shaped flying object moving around Hawaii.

When detailing each image, there is no doubt that it is an alien ship, the question is, what was it doing there just before the volcano erupted? According to others, the presence of the UFO caused a reaction in the volcano due to the energy emanating from the ship and so it reacted. If these hypotheses are true, it is very likely that the tectonic plates of our planet will be activated uncontrollably by a massive UFO visit and, without a doubt, we would be in the presence of the real end of the world.