Famous researcher reveals images of an alien on TV


Yohanan Diaz published the photos of the alien on a TV show
An investigator of extraterrestrial phenomena revealed on Argentine national television a controversial photo with which he alleges the existence of aliens and that, in addition, they have visited the earth on different occasions and have even contacted several humans. Yohan Diaz Vargas, in his program “They are among us”, mentions that even though many scientists deny it, beings from other worlds inhabit the universe and there will come a time when this fact will not be hidden and space agencies will have to tell the truth.

The host of the program spoke about Alfa Bidondo, a man who has maintained contact with extraterrestrials for many years and has even been able to witness alien ships fly over the Argentine sky and their crew members get off. The details provided by Bidondo are sufficient to enable him to give explanations on national television.

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The alien in the photo has visited the planet several times
If we look at the image in detail, we can see a being with an oval head and a long neck, also, his trunk is small and his arms almost reach the height of his feet. It is a full-blown humanoid and with the naked eye it appears to have a greenish hue to its skin, slightly slanted eyes and a thin mouth. In addition, the Yohananan mentioned that when Bidondo goes to meet extraterrestrials, the objects around him begin to light up, as if there were a strange magnetic connection.

As for the alien ships, they have visited Argentina on different occasions, they are always 20 meters off the ground and once the aliens are down, the UFOs disappear. He also pointed out that beings from another world do not move in the same way as humans, that is, they do not walk, they levitate. These statements have made more people believe in ufological phenomena and wonder when NASA will accept that we are not alone in the universe.