Extraterrestrials take over U.S. military base Area 51

Extraterrestres toman la base militar estadounidense Área 51

The Malmstrom military base has been taken over by aliens
For some years now, there has been a rumor that aliens have access to several U.S. military bases, including the mythical Area 51, where they conduct experiments on human beings and help the military create advanced technology. For some conspirators and ufologists, aliens have been able to visit our planet on many occasions and have special treaties with the world’s governments, so they can also have unlimited access to its facilities, but this time, however, the visit is not entirely friendly.

There are strong indications that the Malmstrom Air Force military base is under the full control of aliens of different races. Ufologists say that this situation is due to the war plans of the United States government against various territories of the world and they intend to avoid it at all costs, as happened in 1967. On March 16, 1967, a UFO sighting was reported in Malmstrom and the entire offensive nature of the system was deactivated for more than 24 hours.

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Extraterrestrials want to avoid a war between humans
Most worrying of all, the world’s most powerful nuclear missiles are located right on this military base, they are intercontinental and their warheads can reach a trajectory of six thousand miles. After conducting different investigations to find the technical failure at the military base, no one could know exactly what caused the system to be deactivated and there was not much interest in the subject, because if they gave many details of that strange event, they would also have had to reveal that they had maintained alien contact since ancient times.

The issue of the capture of the military base by aliens has been a strong one since January 20, 2018, when the UFO Hunters website, which collects all UFO sightings, captured the image of a black flying saucer in close proximity to military installations.