Extraterrestrials in the United States prove the existence of Nibiru

Extraterrestres en Estados Unidos comprueban la existencia de Nibiru

The planet Nibiru is in the universe and extraterrestrials live in it.

The United States has been the country with the most UFO sightings recorded in the last century, and it is said that a secret military base is located right there, where all kinds of experiments and technological advances are carried out with the help of extraterrestrial beings of different races. So far there is nothing to prove these theories, but scientists and experts have not taken much trouble to deny all these allegations either.

Now, a new theory has emerged after a strange phenomenon happened in the skies of Arizona on April 11, 2018. Apparently a violet light appeared at 10 p.m. intermittently, but the most shocking thing is that seconds after it appeared, a UFO made an appearance and began to fly over the strange light. Soon after, several unidentified flying objects were joined together, making the scene much more impressive.

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The light was said to be from Nibiru and the aliens were monitoring the place.
People who were able to see the phenomena say that although they are not experts or scientists themselves, they are certain that this strange violet light came from the mythical planet Nibiru and that the extraterrestrials had visited the earth because they were monitoring the human race, in this way they would be aware of all our movements. There was another group of people claiming that this was only a High Frequency Active Auroral Investigation being conducted in Arizona, however, these allegations are unconvincing.

People say it was real flying saucers flying over the Phoenix Mountains and coming from the planet Nibiru. It is very likely that the Anunnakis will keep an eye on us to know when to return to our planet and govern us as they did in the past, as narrated in Sumerian writings.