Extraterrestrials and nuclear weapons

Los extraterrestres y las armas nucleares


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Extraterrestrials and how they were mistaken for nuclear weapons
During World War II, the FBI was obsessed with the subject of weapons and the Soviets, and for it they arrested a man for a photo that caused much controversy.

The man named George Adamski was exposed by a photo he obtained during that time. The man claimed that they were not weapons and that they were photos of UFOs with which he had had contact.

Few were those who believed it at that time, they took it for madman and conspirator, and today is when those documents and their history comes to light.

What did the aliens tell you?
The man claims that the photo was not of communist planes and that he was not trying to hide anything, that they were just aliens who had contacted him, indicating the danger the earth was in because of the nuclear weapons tests they were testing.

I also assure him that the beings had told him that thanks to them humanity had kept the peace for so many years, thanks to what they had created that was by abolishing national governments, creeds, schools, money and private property, that they were creeds that did not exist in their culture and that according to them they saw that they were the problems of our society.

Many still did not believe it, even though they had shown that the planes did not exist and that the accusations they faced were a lie.

But even so, there is one question that remains unresolved, and that is that if he is just a madman, why is an ordinary citizen buried next to the war heroes of that time?

This is the eternal unresolved question that none of the diligent people of that time or of this one want to clarify.