Extraterrestrial warned that the world will be destroyed by a nuclear weapon


Extraterrestrial wants to prevent a nuclear weapon from destroying the world.
The fact that science remains skeptical of the existence of extraterrestrials does not mean that they do not exist, in fact, they have been in charge of letting us know that they have been living among us for centuries. Now, some ufologists have the slightest impression that the aliens want to destroy the earth or simply arrive, own it and make us their slaves, as narrated in the ancient Sumerian texts about the arrival of the Anunnaki, but what if the opposite happens?

It is quite possible that the extraterrestrials, far from harming our life on earth, are trying to help make it more enjoyable, less dangerous and more lasting. Evidence of this hypothesis can be found among the statements of people who have managed to make contact with the different alien races. An extraterrestrial message for humanity has been going around the world for some months now and it is important that everyone knows what these creatures have revealed to us.

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Alien claims that humans will be our own destruction.
Since 1970 the number of UFO sightings at military bases around the world has increased, some say that this is due to the relationship that world power governments have with extraterrestrials, however, there may be something more important than just the relationship between humans and aliens. Ufologists say that these creatures are interested in nuclear weapons and not precisely to use them to their advantage, but to destroy them, even to handle information about one of the conversations that an alien had with a U.S. military officer.

“These weapons cannot be under the control of humanity, you evolve, but you are a danger even to yourselves, you still have a lot to learn, to grow, and while that is happening, you will be far from nuclear weapons, for you yourselves are your own destruction. Now we can understand a little about all these visits from aliens, they want to save us.