Extraterrestrial visited our planet and showed the universe to a human.



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Algo salió mal.

Gilberto Barboza tells of his experience with an alien and the journey through the universe
Although NASA has not confirmed the existence of the aliens, there are many accounts of people allegedly abducted and although most of them cannot remember exactly what happened to them in those abductions, there are a considerable number of people who do and claim that not all aliens are bad, that there are different races that care for the universe and our race, because there are others who try to destroy everything in their path.

Gilberto is one of the many people who have been kidnapped by aliens, but his experiences are not disturbing or terrifying like the others, in fact, he mentions that approximately 4 years ago, the alien who kidnapped him did no harm, only took him to his spaceship in which they traveled for 4 hours and showed him the universe, making him observe the appearance of our planet from space without the need for satellite cameras.

There’s more than one alien race in the universe.
One of Barboza’s questions to the alien was whether his race was the only one that existed and whether they had bad intentions for humanity. He replied that there were indeed more races of extraterrestrials in the universe and there were two of them who wanted to harm humanity, but that his work and that of his species was to prevent that from happening, they were the guardians of the earth.

Another of his questions was about the existence of a God, but he told her he couldn’t talk about it and changed the subject drastically. Gilberto claimed that the aliens had a hidden base on Mars and that they could live for 800 years. When he was brought back to earth, he remembered everything completely and asked his wife if she had seen or heard anything strange that night. She replied that she had been levitating all night on her bed.