Extraterrestrial ships move through the universe with the help of stars.

Naves extraterrestres se desplazan por el universo con la ayuda de estrellas


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Extraterrestrials travel in the universe by wave explosions
Many theories have emerged to determine whether extraterrestrials exist, how they move and whether they have visited our planet. Each of these hypotheses has different bases and behind them are a group of scientists who have spent years searching for reliable evidence that can verify the facts or allegations. Studies are currently being conducted in the universe to find out where wave explosions originate and the answers become more and more accurate. It is quite possible that extraterrestrial beings are traveling in the universe with giant ships.

Extraterrestrials are found in our universe
Scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have published a paper in which they claim that there are aliens moving around the universe with the help of stars. Their spacecraft are large, large enough to hold a good number of crew members. The Israeli-American professor who participated in the research, Avi Loeb, said there are many radio wave explosions in space that cannot be specifically explained, but he says he is sure an artificial agent is causing that.

On the other hand, scientists at the Parkes Observatory in Australia mentioned that too much radio activity has been reported, at least 500 million times greater than the activity of our sun. This is surprising because if there are no astronauts or probes nearby, that activity is unusual. The outbreak of activity was short, according to experts, but left the entire observatory staff amazed.

Some experts say that a star is the one that drives the alien ship to move around the universe and that generates radio wave explosions, but there is nothing concrete because for 10 years of study, they are not completely safe. There are other scientists who claim that a completely foreign star in our solar system collapsed in its nucleus and therefore there is unusual activity.