Extraterrestrial life aims to avoid the end of humanity

Vida extraterrestre pretende evitar el fin de la humanidad


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Extraterrestrials want to avoid a nuclear war on earth

Extraterrestrial beings are superior to us in intelligence and therefore in technology. Over the past century, several statements have been reported that the world’s governments have maintained contact with them and that they also have several secret treaties in which they exchange alien technology for experiments on human beings. Now, there are several theories in which it is spoken that there are some extraterrestrial races that seek to protect humanity and not precisely from other beings, but from ourselves.

Extraterrestrials prevent war

We humans fear what we do not know, but over the years it has been shown that we have the characteristic of innovating and destroying simultaneously, the clear examples of this are the wars and genocides that have taken place in recent years and those that are supposed to be caused in the near future by water, territory or political issues. A ufologist expert in the field said that extraterrestrials want to avoid a nuclear war by destroying the planet’s chemical reserves, because humans cannot possess these forces.

Extraterrestrials on military bases around the world
It is not the first time that allegations like these have appeared on the web and the truth is that the evidence presented seems to be 100% real. There are many people who say that the Vandernberg air base is one of the sites where UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have been seen, in fact, they say that it is there that they carry out some military tests and that humans are watched by these beings, because for them, the military, worldwide, cannot have complete control of nuclear elements.

Recent statements state that several governments around the world use nuclear technology and these kinds of forces destroy everything in their path and we run the risk not only of destroying the planet, but also of destroying human life. We take many risks, some scientists even say they are not surprised by the interest these beings have in military bases where nuclear materials are held.