Extraterrestrial influence in ancient Greek culture


Definitely the ancient Greek culture has had a strong influence on humanity; much of the knowledge, currents of thought and ways of life practiced by Western civilization today are fundamentally inherited from Hellenic philosophy.

Despite their importance and literary richness, the fascinating accounts in Greek mythology haven’t been interpreted literally by modern thinkers, although the most recent finds have shown that many of the prowess narrated in the ancient Greek scrolls are absolutely real, which has reinforced the thesis that the Greek civilization has received a strong extraterrestrial influence during its formation and historical evolution.


The discovery of Troy

A classic example that supports the arguments of those who argue that the formation and development of the ancient Greek culture was based on the strong influence exerted directly by extraterrestrials is the decisive discovery of the imposing city of Troy, which occurred in 1870 and came to confirm all that Homer had written of it in the Iliad in the eighth century BC, whose stories were considered metaphorical and implausible until that historical moment.

With the discovery of Troy, modern science had to recognize that the Greek accounts aren’t a collection of fanciful literary exercises, and moreover, considering the enormous coincidences existing between them and the discovered writings of other ancient cultures, which didn’t have any kind of relationship with the Greeks, given that some of them, like the Sumerians, didn’t coincide in the time and others were very distantly geographically.

Extraterrestrial influence on Greek beliefs

In contrast to the God mentioned in the Bible and worshiped by much of the Western population, the gods and demigods recorded in Greek literature aren’t perfect or immaculate, rather some are prey to the lower passions, envy to humans and interact with them in a narrower way, in some cases almost on equal terms, just as some alien races would.

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In Greek literary resources there are repeated references to gods descending to earth, not on the shoulder of angels or on fantastic celestial horses, but on ships and other flying artifacts, which is a clear allusion to what we now call UFOs, which are the super advanced and fast vehicles used by the aliens.

Powers of the gods in ancient Greek culture

Contrary to the vision we might have about God today, for the Greeks their gods were quite humanized, they had spectacular powers of divine origin but they weren’t all-powerful and often had to form alliances with other gods and even with humans to fight their battles, which sometimes were for quite banal reasons and in which they could also die.

Without needing to be scientists or experts in ancient cultures, anyone can notice the relationship between powerful, developed, but at the same time emotional and humanized beings described by ancestral Greeks with alien descriptions, which we rely on through testimonies and evidence collected in the last decades.

Historical evolution of the extraterrestrial influence in the humanity

As has been proven in the credible Greek literature in antiquity powerful aliens closely related to humanity, such as Poseidon and Athena, made important contributions to ancient civilizations such as Greek, Roman, Sumerian and Egyptian, among others.


However in recent times although the forms have changed in the background, the trend remains the same, and just as the alien gods led Alexander the Great to conquer the entire world known before reaching the age of 33, today the same aliens or their descendants work specifically with G7 leaders to keep our world under their control and influence.

Just last week there was an extraordinary meeting of the members of this body that houses the 7 most powerful nations in the world, to welcome the new presidents Donald Trump (USA) and Emmanuel Macron (France), in order to aware them of the instructions and projects that the aliens have for their countries and for the whole world in the next years.

In return for this type of cooperation, extraterrestrials contribute to the advancement of our society, as they did with the ancient Greek civilization with scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as naval and military power. Today they do it through gifts in the field of technology and medicine, not in vain the nations of the G7 are those that have the most advanced technology, in addition to the greatest economic and military power.


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