Extraterrestrial evidence? KGB agents analyze an’Alien’ mummy


A possible evidence of extraterrestrials linked to Egypt and the KGB appears.
We have received new video footage, which is allegedly linked to the analysis and discovery of a mummy of extraterrestrial origin by Russian KGB agents. The strange material as plausible evidence would eventually be related to a secret mission assigned to the KGB called “the isis project”, which aimed to recover the remains of an ancient astronaut called “the visitor” from the remains of an Egyptian tomb.

Many call this case “The Russian Roswell”, as it would be related to the ancient accident of a ship of extraterrestrial origin in ancient Egypt, where its crewman would later have been exposed to the same mummification process as the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

The theory of ancient astronauts proposes that ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, had a series of contacts with very intelligent visitors from very distant planets of our galaxy. They would have helped to build their enormous monuments such as the pyramids and other astronomical developments.

The ancient Egyptians would have been visited by ancient astronauts of extraterrestrial origin.
According to conspiracy theorists, ancient extraterrestrial astronauts of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have visited ancient human societies, such as Egypt, Babylon, and the Incas, and revealed science, technology, and art to them… among other things.

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Lovers of conspiracy theories and the most believers in this type of legend have no doubt that this is a part of our forbidden history. Speaking of the video in question, there is no significant evidence to suspect a clearly visible hoax or hoax.

In the video, we can clearly see how a military agent examines a strange and small being, who seems to have suffered some kind of serious accident, due to the fact that his bony structure is quite deformed. Some people also claim that they see another tiny being in the wind, which makes them think it was a possibly’pregnant’ female.

Previously, an old video had already appeared on the net, where a group of Russian agents allegedly opened a sarcophagus to remove an alien from his tomb.

It is important to remember that ancient societies, such as Egypt, made rapid progress and reached surprisingly high levels of technical knowledge that enabled them to build imposing historical monuments, such as pyramids that would be a connecting point, for the assistance of advanced alien visitors. Here is the video for you to draw your own conclusions: