Experts say these ancient buildings are extraterrestrial works

edificaciones realizadas por extraterrestres

Alien life inhabited the earth
It is not the first time that any ancient construction existing on the planet has been questioned and it is that for scientists, it is extremely impressive that ancient civilizations could build and align such buildings without the help of specialized machinery or the knowledge that people now possess, for that reason, some people have come to the conclusion that all the ancient pyramids and statues were made by beings from other worlds.

A clear example of this is the Nazca lines, located a few kilometers from the capital of Peru, Lima. These lines form a series of perfect drawings on earth that have remained there for many years. Scientists do not find a logical answer to determine how the hummingbird, the monkey, the spider and the other illustrations were made by an ancient civilization. At that time there were no ships that could move them and observe the ground from the sky, so how could they make those drawings?

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The constructions were made by extraterrestrial life
On the other hand, we have the pyramids of Egypt, one of the oldest in the world and with a mystery difficult to decipher. There are many theories that can help us know how the Egyptians moved the building materials and made the largest pyramids on the planet, but none are totally reliable. In addition, the astronomical alignment is perfect and it is difficult to say that the ancient citizens of Egypt had full knowledge of astronomy. Was it aliens who made the pyramids?

The same goes for Stonehenge’s pyramids, their location and alignment with the stars is so perfect that there is no logical explanation for how they were made by current scientists. Furthermore, it is said that rituals were performed there and that is why there is a strange current that causes people to have “astral travelling” or to pass from one universe to another.