Ex-military claims there’s an alien race in Vegas.

Ex-militar afirma que existe una raza extraterrestre en las Vegas

There are many people who have or have had high positions for years publicly assuring that there are extraterrestrial civilizations that are in constant connection with the governments of our planet and that they cooperate with them. One of these cases is that of ex-military and defense minister Paul Hellyer.

Ex-military claims that aliens cooperate with the high governments of our planet.
The ex-military claims that more than 70 species of extraterrestrials have been operating on our planet for a long time, which has greatly influenced humanity for thousands of years and that these beings are supporters of many of the decisions made by senior governments every day. In addition, the ex-military assures that there is an extraterrestrial base located in Nevada and that the great majority of these extraterrestrials dress in wetsuits to pass unnoticed.

Ex-Military Claims Extraterrestrial Race In Las Vegas

Revelations from the former soldier
At first glance the revelations of the former soldier seemed ridiculous to many and had all sorts of evidence to give him strong credibility. But what seemed to be the invention of an ex-military with certain traits of dementia moved to another plane, since another ex-military who worked in the United States Air Force points out that he has seen people with a strange appearance very similar to that of extraterrestrials in the Vegas casinos.

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A public website is an article where the ex-military of the United States assured in a conference held in Norway that some extraterrestrial beings dress like humans and that they feel great attraction for Las Vegas. He also states that the North American military has managed to make contact with the extraterrestrials and that they cooperate with a strange extraterrestrial species that have been called the (Altos Blancos) for more than five decades.

Why doesn’t the U.S. government reveal the truth about extraterrestrials?
Likewise, the ex-military points out that the United States government has tried to reveal this type of information, since the government thinks that neither the human race nor the extraterrestrials are yet emotionally prepared for a possible interaction, and that they would wait for the exact moment to bring the information to public light.

The ex-military continued providing information, where he detailed that the strange extraterrestrial race mixed among the humans using the same clothes that the people use, wearing white glasses for the Sun in order not to be recognized by the other people who make life in the casinos of Las Vegas.