Egypt: When remodeling a house they fond extra currency


Extraterrestrial currency found in Egypt

A strange discovery during the remodeling of a house in Egypt has left very enthusiastic to all ufologists and scientists of the planet, it would be the definitive evidence of extraterrestrial presence in our past. The ancient coin that was discovered in Egypt reportedly represents what many believe is an alien creature. In the past, many other coins have been found to represent strange flying objects.

Although the fact of finding coins is not strange, the extremely similar representations to what we now know as alien or extraterrestrial beings definitely are.

In the past, people all over the world have discovered ancient coins that are extremely interesting. Some of them represent strange “flying objects”, while others -as one of the coins published below- seem to offer conclusive evidence that we’ve been visited by alien life forms -just like the ancient astronaut theory.

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Algo extremadamente desconcertante son las inscripciones en el reverso de la moneda donde dice la frase “OPPORTUNUS Adest“, que al traducirla significa “Es aquí a su debido tiempo.”

According to the source, “during a renovation of a house in Egypt, someone found a mysterious coin that seems to show the head of an alien being, with huge sunken eyes, a bald head and thin cheeks.”

Somewhat extremely disconcerting are the inscriptions on the back of the coin where it says the phrase “OPPORTUNUS Adest“, which when translated means “An opportunity is here.”

The truth is that they’ve found many coins in the past that have proven to be real, and represent what many interpret as flying objects (UFOs). That, however, is the interpretation of each person. What some see as flying saucers, others can identify as shields or other objects.

However, these coins are extremely interesting and make one wonder, and WHAT IF they are real? While the story is fascinating to say the least, it’s very difficult to conclude if it’s real.

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