Earth may have had an alien civilization in the past.

La Tierra pudo tener una civilización extraterrestre en el pasado

Extraterrestrials may have been the first inhabitants of Earth

It has been believed for many years that the Earth was inhabited by extraterrestrial beings. One of the most famous theories is that of the mythical Annunakis, who proceeded to create the human race so that they could extract the minerals of the planet Earth and were dependent on them. Now, however, it is speculated that an alien race better known as the “Reptilians” were the first living beings on earth.

Ufologists have studied the extraterrestrial phenomenon for years and have provided us with a long list of the different races and possible planets they inhabit, however, the fact that these people cannot prove that these races actually exist makes it completely difficult to think or prove that a reptilian race lived on earth long before our creation.

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There is no reliable evidence that extraterrestrials inhabited the earth
For most scientists, it is unlikely that extraterrestrials have visited or settled on the planet. In order to determine that these beings lived on earth, strong evidence is needed and nothing has ever been found to verify such theories. In addition, living beings like them had to leave even a trace, just as the extinct dinosaurs did.

However, it is necessary to note that finding a fossil of at least one living being from billions of years ago is extremely difficult, taking into account that the chances that the percentage of a living being, no matter what it is, being fossilized, is really low.

Likewise, according to scientific estimates, the universe has approximately 13.8 billion years of existence, life at the general level developed some 400 million years ago and, finally, humans began to inhabit the earth 300 million years ago. According to this, there are 100 million empty years in history and it is enough time for any alien civilization to live on earth.