Does life in outer space threaten the earth?

¿La vida en el espacio exterior amenaza la tierra?


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Could extraterrestrials from outer space attack the earth?
They are known on various occasions as aliens have put many of the earth’s inhabitants in danger, and have threatened the earth as a whole. Many of these extraterrestrial cases did not come to light at the time, but it is now that several scientists and historians have researched and brought to light several NASA documents confirming these attacks on the earth.

What would an alien war scenario from outer space look like?
There are several experiences that are contrasted in the network on this type of events, all in different ways but always with passive contact. But it’s this time that we find a scary story to tell.

The event was experienced by air operations commander Carlos Marques Pereira, who says that while a reconnaissance mission almost collected because of an alien ship that chased him for a period of 30 seconds. The commander assures that the device landed near the aircraft and that the flash of light into the cockpit was so great that it affected the visibility that clicking makes it collect.

If it wasn’t for an evasive maneuver he pulled, he’d have had an accident. The commander didn’t get a good look at the device up close, as he relates in his interview, but he could see it when it disappeared into the horizon at great speed, as if it were a flash of light.

At first he was afraid to tell it in case they thought he was crazy, but years later he had the courage to tell it, and to his astonishment he was not the only one to whom a similar event had happened.

The commander’s confession was only the starting gun for all the soldiers who had suffered a similar event and who, for fear of rejection, had not told of it until now either.