Does extraterrestrial life really exist on earth?


Many of us, however skeptical we may be, have believed at some point in our lives that extraterrestrial life exists. Either by some strange and unexplained phenomenon or by witnessing flying “objects” with erratic movements in the sky. Even if it is because of some film or documentary that made us change our minds about life outside our land. Exactly, off our planet, in outer space. But what if we told you that the aliens are already here, that the aliens are on earth and mixing with us? There are hundreds of believers who claim that they not only exist, but are already on earth, living with us and learning from our cultures for some future purpose.

Does extraterrestrial life exist on earth?
This is a somewhat delicate and difficult subject to touch, as there are many versions in the world that could generate a certain collective hysteria. But the CEO of BigelowAeroespace, Robert Bigelow, is 100% certain that the aliens are closer than we think.

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Bigelow is one of NASA’s space technology providers and a staunch believer in extraterrestrial life. In an interview last year, he said that humans should not be looking for aliens because they are already here, right under our noses.

Why did Robert Bigelow say that?
Many ufologists claim that Bigelow has contacts within NASA from so many years of business relationships, so it is not normal for him to know secrets of the organization that have not been made public for some reason.

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The statements obviously had a tremendous impact on the public and, to this day, continue to generate a chain reaction. When the interviewer asked him if he was not afraid of the reprisals that might be taken against him for his statements, the man responded with alarming reassurance that he did not care, that they would do what they did, that he would not change what he knew.

What does Robert Bigelow really know? Why did he dare to make such statements? Maybe, at 72 years of age, he got tired of being a hider of the truth.