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There is a place on the planet that is not really what it seems, the entrance to the alien world is hidden in an almost inhospitable area and difficult to access. The government wants to hide it behind a military barracks, but the reality is that it makes no sense to install such a large army base in a place like that. Although on the other hand, it looks like an ideal place for the development of secret activities that want to be kept away from the public and the media.

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The alien world is real and has its gateway in the State Route 375 from the remote desert zone of Nevada, United States, where the huge military base called area 51 is located. The attention of ufologists, independent investigators and the general public is powerfully surprised that although one of the most imposing military bases in the country officially operates in this place, it remains closed under the most strict hermeticism and the activity of the army in the area is scarce, while on the contrary the sighting of unidentified flying objects (OVNI) is more common than in other places. Which begs the question, is this really a U. S. base? Army what operates in area 51?


The motorway that leads to area 51 has been renamed the road of the extraterrestrial and we arrive at it crossing route 93, through which very few vehicles pass, making it easy for aliens and their human collaborators to take control of those who enter and those who leave their protected area.

Rachel, which has about 50 inhabitants who tell you interesting stories about extraterrestrials and are hospitable to visitors, although according to our and there in the bars and bars.


The security perimeter of area 51 is 20 kilometers, where i prevents taking photographs and entering certain prohibited areas. In addition, it is said that those who dare to go beyond the permitted return are held in Rachel, seized of any evidence and have their memory erased.


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