Did Pope Francis reveal data on a Reptilian demon?


Pope Francis has shown himself to be a very clever statesman and charismatic orator, usually his words carry hidden messages. In this sense, it is worthwhile to analyze that the Supreme Pontiff has always insisted in his continuous speeches on making allusions to the devil, whom he personifies not as a myth or an abstract idea, but as a real being who “commands the hosts of evil, against whom we are at war”.

What strikes us, however, is that lately there has been a considerable variation in the terminology used by the Catholic hierarchy to refer to the evil one, who is now called “the great dragon, the ancient serpent…” implying that Satan could be a reptile or rather a reptilian.

When it comes to Francis, nothing is fortuitous or casual, each of his words, gestures and actions respond to a premeditated end. Since his arrival in the chair of St. Peter’s he has insisted on posing a war between good and evil, in quite basic terms for everyone to understand, simply that he as “representative of Christ on earth” is the general of the army of good, whose militants are all those who listen to his word and obey his will. While everyone who opposes him is militant of the evil hosts, personally commanded by Satan, whom he insists on identifying as the “ancient serpent…”.


The principle is quite elementary and well known, but equally effective: divide and conquer. The pope has resolved to divide human society between good and evil, and he alone has the authority to judge which side each of us belongs to, there are no third way or average terms, or you are with him and you obey him or you are against him and you are catalogued as a servant of the evil one.

In this sense, it is a fact that Francis knows of the existence of the reptilians and the plans they have to address a massive message to humanity, in which they reveal important truths that will improve our understanding of the universe and give us the wisdom we need to avoid being manipulated by the persuasive mind-control tactics of the elite.

This matter is of great concern to the bishop of Rome, since higher intelligence beings are involved than he can control, and with whom repressive deterrent tactics do not work, which have produced such good benefits for humanity for thousands of years.

For this reason the pope prepares the ground by sending subliminal messages, so that when the reptilians appear publicly, the population identifies them as the children of the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan.

The dark secrets behind the Pope’s court: Reptilian Representation
When I first realized the true extent of what the Pope’s auditorium design reveals, I was shocked. Despite 10 years of research on the elite, occultism, Illuminati, consciousness and many other things, it seemed like something I had to write.

Have you ever heard of the Pope’s court? Also known as Paul VI Auditorium or Pontifical Auditorium, it is found partly in the Vatican and partly in Rome, Italy. Appointed in honour of Pope Paul VI and built in 1971 by the Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, it has a capacity for 6,300 people and contains inside it a bronze statue called La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini.

Everything seems pretty simple so far, but let’s dive into what makes this building so strange. We will begin with the least strange, and gradually approach the strangest elements.

Method of construction and design

The building was designed with reinforced concrete by the well-known architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Nervi is known for its simple but practical, robust and durable designs.

The simple curvature of the building may seem modest from the outside, but this is part of what we will begin to explore on this building.

Take a look at the image below and compare its shape with the image of a snake next door. Note the overall shape: broad, narrow back, rounded forehead, eyes in the middle, nostril in the front and curved upper part.

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The windows

serpiente ventanas vaticano

As you can already see in the image above, there are two windows on each side of the building that look like eyes. They are made of stained glass and are placed halfway along the building on either side.

At the center of the eye’s shape, you begin to see a cleft that may look like a reptile eye. If you are not yet convinced, which is understandable, read on.

Maybe looking at a single window isn’t the clearest thing to do, so let’s take a look at both at the same time.

Suddenly we begin to see more obvious things: two reptilian eyes, which look at you as you watch the scene.

Scales and crocodiles
Take a look at the image above – what do you notice in the middle? There is what looks like a statue in the middle and then on each side, two sharp, pointed tusks. The roof and sides of the building also look like scales.

Here are two more images to give you an idea of the scales.

Now, let’s put the two images together next to each other so that we can really see what we’re seeing. In the image below, pay close attention to the whole building and the staging next to the image of a snake. The eyes, the shape, the scales, the fangs, the appearance of the reptile… it’s all there.

The statue of the Resurrezione.
In the middle of the scene is a statue of Christ rising from an atomic apocalypse. It was designed by Pericle Fazzini and founded in 1977. Look at him downstairs. Have you noticed anything in Jesus’ head?

Left side

It is hard to see in the front, but when you look at the statue on the sides, where people are sitting, it becomes very clear that on both sides the head of Jesus resembles that of a snake.

Think about it for a moment: if only one side of the statue gives the impression of a snake’s head, we could make it a coincidence, but here it becomes much more difficult to ignore. We must begin to realize that it was deliberately designed to appear this way. The thinking and planning needed for this should have been immense.

The reality is that there is an obvious reason for appearance.

The big question
You may wonder what this reason is; why was this building constructed in such a way that the Pope seems to speak of the mouth of a reptile? If you don’t ask yourself this question, you choose to close your eyes. It’s not that the evidence isn’t there, it’s that you choose not to see it. There are seven distinct rooms that form the symbol of the snake or reptile. If it were one or two, I’d understand your skepticism, even three. But when seven pieces come together so well, so perfectly, you know without a doubt that it was intentional.

Anyway, I know that what I say may be difficult to accept, but all the hard truths go through phases: laughter and mockery, partial acceptance, and finally, they seem obvious to people. I think we are approaching the third step when it comes to understanding who is leading and influencing our world, and that’s why this symbolism of the snake exists here.

Research shows that there is a deep state that largely governs our world – people who are not Americans, Europeans, Russians, Canadians, etc., but who transcend national identity and control our entire world. It has long been said that there is also an extraterrestrial influence here. Not all races of ET, but one in particular, the reptilians. Not all reptilians are ruthless, but a group, like a group of humans, who have worked to influence this planet.

I understand it sounds crazy to some people, but it needs to be analyzed. There’s more evidence of alien reality than anyone could have imagined. There’s a lot of evidence about the deep state that controls things. Is it possible that these two realities are linked? Again, I am not saying that all aliens or even all reptilians are “bad”, but perhaps some of them are, and they work with our governments.

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