DeepWeb video shows the Gray Alien


In spite of the great effort that the different groups of power have put in hiding this type of information, in the last years the truth that the extraterrestrials walk among us has reached millions of people thanks to the effort of independent investigators and different anonymous personalities, who have provided their contribution to break the media siege that we’ve wanted to impose. This has been achieved through the publication of valuable audio-visual evidence, such as the impressive video documentation of what appears to be a gray alien, which you can see below.

Our confidential sources confirm that the video in question comes from DeepWeb, where habitually anonymous people are encouraged to distribute potentially secret material, which we invite you to explore before they’re censored or becomes a target to cyber attacks by hackers at the service of members of Masonic sects, who have much to hide and therefore feel threatened with the publication of this type of information.

Appearance of the extraterrestrial captured in video

As we’ve reported, the specimen captured in the multimedia material is specifically a gray alien, whose physical characteristics perfectly match the thousands of testimonies related to abductions and nocturnal visits, a fact that leads us to ask the following question, were the grays guilty of innumerable kidnappings and experiments with humans?

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In fact we have enough evidence of the existence of certain alien minority groups, who enjoy tormenting or making human sufferers, who represent the perversion and moral pollution of the alien world, being the main allies of the Illuminati and other diabolical sects on Earth, which have been confabulated to interfere in the establishment of a fluid relationship, between aliens and humanity in full.

Now everything seems to fit perfectly and we’ve finally been able to identify the gray aliens as responsible for certain evil actions against humans that have definitely distorted the reputation of the aliens on planet Earth, a fact that is part of the plan of the perverse lodges that move behind the threads of global power.

#Alienígena #Gris REAL Capturado en Vídeo! – [Deep web]

Posted by Misterio.Tv on Sunday, July 31, 2016

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