Could we understand extraterrestrial language? What do scientists say?


Some astronomers have said that perhaps in about twenty years we will witness the first extraterrestrial visit in this generation, because in past generations, humanity had already witnessed a presence from outer space. Understanding extraterrestrial language has been a subject of research for ufologists, astronomers and Scientologists around the world. We all know that in order to communicate, we must understand the signs they show us and that is the basis for the study of extraterrestrial language.

The extraterrestrial visit is near and we must learn their language.
Dan Wethimer and SethShostak say that it would be too strange for the human race to be the only intelligent in the universe, which is why they have created the SETI project, which is based on detecting radio signals of extraterrestrial origin to study them and know what they transmit.

Although they were unable to secure the necessary funding. Wethimer and Shostak created the case where several anthropological researchers, archaeologists, linguists, psychologists and other experts in the field of communication have placed sufficient interest in investigating possible signs of alien communication.

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We are not alone and we must be able to communicate.
Because of the immensity of the cosmos, the possibility that there is intelligent life and much more developed than human life is just as great. However, because of this same factor, no scientist claims that the first extraterrestrial contact is as straightforward as we are accustomed to fiction and, on the contrary, will be through radio messages.

Will we be able to understand whether it is a message of peace or a hostile one? We don’t know, but that’s why SETI and its researchers hope to rebuild civilizations far from us as archaeologists rebuild the civilizations of thousands of years ago. Learning their culture can be an essential key to learning extraterrestrial language, so the organization recruits experts in different branches of science.

What do you think? we might be able to establish a communication with beings from other planets, will we really be the dominant rasa of the universe, will they be less evolved than us?