Could extraterrestrial life take the energy of the stars to live?


Alien life gets its energy from the stars
For some years now, scientists have been asking themselves how the
universe was beginning to expand at alarming rates. In principle there is no
apparent explanation, however, some conspiracy theorists revealed that it is
it’s very possible that extraterrestrial beings have a lot to do with this event. How?
Well, somehow, these creatures from different planets steal the stars, take over
the energy that characterizes them and uses it to their advantage.

In the face of this, a group of skeptical experts on the existence of aliens mentioned
that that theory is simply impossible, first of all because there is no evidence that
can verify that extraterrestrials even live and on the other hand, that the stars don’t
are stolen, much less their energy, because what is really leaving without
activity to these celestial bodies is the same universe.

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Dark matter will be the originator of the end of humanity and life.
We are clear that there is a profound energy deficit in the universe, but this is not due to
extraterrestrial life or by anything else in galaxies, but all these events

are a consequence of the universe itself, claims an astrophysicist who graduated from the University of
Harvard’s Avi Loeb, in fact, says that in less than 100 million years the
space is going to have a sudden transformation that will generate a total isolation of

The further the universe expands, the less energy the celestial bodies will have and
we will be involved in Dark Matter, as mentioned earlier, that is
because we could find ourselves in total darkness. Now, the
conspiracy says that aliens are still involved, because taking on
account for their advanced intelligence, they may be looking for a way to store
and avoid the isolation to which we will be exposed.

Whatever the scientists’ theory, it is clear to us that the universe is changing and whether
is not destroyed by external factors, then he will initiate his own self-destruction.