Could aliens decipher the messages that have been sent into space?

¿Podrían los extraterrestres descifrar los mensajes que se han enviado al espacio?

It’s possible that some alien alien might find our messages
A few years ago, specifically in 1997, the Voyager mission was carried out, which consisted of sending a gold disk into space. This object contained sounds and images that alluded to the fact that humans are peaceful beings with an advanced degree of intelligence. For the scientists in charge of this project, it was an extremely brilliant idea that would change history, but they did not take into account some important factors.

Rebecca Orchard and Sheri Wells-Jensen mention that, if there are aliens in our universe, they would not be able to interpret the messages that have been sent. For these experts, the way in which the gold record was organized could confuse the aliens and far from showing them that we are peaceful, they would think that we are beings of low intellect and highly irritable. On the other hand, they also take into account the lack of care taken in sending the object and not study the dangers involved.

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Alien life could end with us.
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In the thoughts of the experts in charge of the Voyager mission, aliens were just harmless little creatures that inhabit the universe, but what if they are really monstrous creatures that seek to destroy everything that poses a threat to them? It may still be 40 billion years before the object reaches a nearby star, but if aliens have intelligent civilizations, they can intercept the disk and locate the Earth in a few moments.

If extraterrestrials are violent and manage to locate our planet, humans will be destroyed sooner than we think. This situation was not assessed by these experts and we now risk being exterminated. Underestimating the intelligence of a living being can lead to chaos, especially when it is a strange race, with a language possibly different from our own and with different ways of life.