Coordinates of google maps that will guide you to mysterious places


Google Maps, has been positioned as the most important tool of global location today, through this it is possible to know many places in the world, from smart devices and our homes.

Thousands of users have used Google Maps since its launch to crawl the earth with images that prove the existence of strange or paranormal phenomena and mysteriously many have succeeded. Some of these phenomena and sites captured by google maps are the creation of nature but also of man; however, there are many that have not yet been able to be explained and many claim that extraterrestrials were their authors.

Next we invite you to see the Google Maps Coordinates that will guide you to mysterious places that will surely amaze you.

The amazing discoveries detected by google maps
It is one of the greatest archaeological finds of recent times, it is an orderly sequence of gigantic rocks in Saudi Arabia that pass through the lava gates of dormant volcanoes. The purpose of these structures could not be determined.

Mysterious image reveals what a kraken might be; Scott Waring the renowned ufologist, states that if you write these coordinates (63° 2’56.73 “S 60°57’32.38 “W) Google Maps you can see an amazing image that for many is the confirmation of the mythical sea creature known as the Kraken.

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There is no explanation for how for a long time, the village of the name argleton offered a good opportunity for employment and a variety of activities. The mystery of the matter allegedly located in England in the town of Lancashire. It only existed on google maps. No one at google can explain how this site came to appear on the maps of this server, it is suspected that the false street names are related to legal issues, and the coordinates actually belong to a rural area without any construction.

On the other hand google maps affirm that this type of errors are not common.

If there is another reason why Google Maps has become famous, in addition to serving as a guide with its easy-to-understand maps, it is the rare images captured in Street View of which many have remained for posterity.

Many of them show us everyday facts, people scratching their nose, robberies; however, many curious images have appeared that have become viral on the net, the strangest is that of some divers in Norway try to hunt the google vehicle with their harpoons.

One image in particular was famous because it brought problems to the google company. A woman was photographed on the door of her house and her neckline was very pronounced in 2011. The woman in question sued the company for $45,000 for psychological damages, but a judge ruled in favor of google and after the trial costs the woman only received $2250.

What google maps hides
This great tool can observe any part of the planet through the internet in an objective and transparent way. Some users have located sites that are deleted and you can’t know anything about it. However, this suspicion, which has disturbed vision, has been studied in depth.