Communication with extraterrestrials is inevitable.

Communication and contact with extraterrestrials is inevitable this 2018

Scientists have devoted years of study to creating artifacts that allow us to pick up radio frequencies from outer space, and as technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing rate, contact with extraterrestrials seems inevitable. In fiction we have already witnessed on numerous occasions what the stage would be like. Sometimes they are peaceful, sometimes hostile. But contact with aliens is inevitable.

A contact with extraterrestrials is closer than we think.
This is what Erich Von Daniken, known for his famous literary works on ufology, says. Von Daniken was one of the first faithful believers that the earth has already been visited by extraterrestrials and ancient civilizations have documented this in different scriptures on tablets and scrolls.

According to the writer, the aliens did an ethnological job when they visited the earth. They studied civilizations, customs, languages, cultures. They taught astronomy and mathematical and physical knowledge essential to the creation of the monuments and disappeared in some of history, but surely with the promise that they would return and those times seem ever closer.

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contact with extraterrestrials

Contact with extraterrestrials in ancient times.
It is no secret to anyone that there are certain mysteries related to ancient Egypt and ancient civilizations that have not been clearly explained. One of the most reliable proofs of this subject could be the same pyramids of Egypt which, despite the existence of theories accepted by the archaeological community, still do not convince the rest of the population about the perfect construction and alignment with the stars.

Sumerian scriptures and illustrations are another mystery of archaeology; the description the Sumerians had of their gods, with dragon-like aspects and mention of their extraterrestrial origin or advanced knowledge of astronomy, physics and mathematics so advanced that it seemed illogical.

Besides hieroglyphics and sculptures where there seem to be beings taken from science fiction or exact illustrations of the solar system as we know it today, although there was no way to know the rotations and planetary orbits at that time.