Astronaut suffers panic attack while telling experiences with live UFOs


In the different space missions realized by the NASA has been compiled infinity of evidence on the existence of intelligent life beyond the terrestrial orbit, nevertheless the astronauts and other officials of the North American space agency are forced to sign a pact of confidentiality, in which they swear not to reveal anything they see, perceive or discover during the performance of their work, a situation that could cause an astronaut to suffer an apparent panic attack as he prepared to tell his UFO experiences at a conference.

A secret to voices

The reality that we’re not alone in the universe has become, in recent years, an open secret; despite the stubborn position of the top US government leaders who persist in keeping this issue under Strict secrecy, the truth is that more and more public and notorious evidence is emerging that the aliens are among us.

Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper

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The position of NASA officials who perform their duties in the midst of a constant power struggle isn’t easy and they’re witnesses of the daily contacts between the high ranking leaders of the Earth governments with extraterrestrial powers, with whom there are important alliances that the government won’t allow to be harmed by the statements of any of its officers.

In the midst of this tense context, astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper was about to offer a press conference where she intended to relate her transcendental experiences with UFOs and various contacts with the alien world, when suddenly and before saying a word she collapsed in the Platform from where she was about to speak.

It’s presumed that hs1e could be affected by a panic attack or perhaps she was the victim of a partial extraterrestrial abduction, in which her life breath was taken leaving the body in the place so she wouldn’t raise suspicion among the multitude of journalists who were crowding her around.

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