Argentine citizens claim to have contacted extraterrestrials

Ciudadanos argentinos afirman haber contactado con extraterrestres

Extraterrestrials left a mysterious message in Argentina
During the last century, countless cases of people being abducted by beings from other worlds began to be reported. The victims’ descriptions of their abductors are often confusing, however, there are certain characteristics that are repeated in each statement: Tall, gray, with huge skulls and eyes proportionately larger than those of a human. However, in the province of Salta, Argentina, an extraordinary sighting occurred.

The fire chief of the province of Salta, Ezequiel Álvarez, mentioned in a radio interview that he was contacted by extraterrestrial beings and that many of his neighbors could see the spaceship. He also said that the UFO was even larger than the normal aircraft on our planet and that it was close to the ground, at least at tree level and had flashing lights.

Extraterrestrials are similar to humans.

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The fire chief said that the aliens who contacted him looked very much like humans, in fact, the only things that differentiated them from us were their 2 meters tall, completely blond hair and blue eyes so light that they could almost be white. They come from a faraway planet with a highly advanced civilization and only visited the earth to leave us an important message.

Álvarez said that these beings do not want to harm us but to prevent us from being exterminated by ourselves. They even spoke of the damage we will cause to our planet by the wars that are about to break out around the world. On the other hand, they sent a more shocking message to one of Alvarez’s friends and he stayed locked in his room for more than a week because he was not prepared for the words he heard.

According to the fire chief, this is not the first time that extraterrestrials have visited the province of Salta and he claims that there are more contactees around the world.