Area 51, is it the natural airstrip landings of extraterrestrial aircraft?


It’s possible that lately some might consider research into the alien world as a trite or old-fashioned subject after so much time has passed for emblematic events such as the Roswell case (the spacecraft precipitated in the New Mexico desert and photos of its extraterrestrial), coupled with the fact that the government has been very successful in keeping the population occupied in other issues such as social networks and economic crises in recent years. But there’s no doubt that these facts have always been real and continue to occur today more than ever before although the majority do not notice them anymore.

There are several facts carried out by duly documented aliens, which have become famous cases for ufology and the fear they awaken in the power dome, they’ve used their media apparatus to trivialize them against public opinion, so that realities as that Area 51 is the airstrip of UFOs in North American territory are considered a fantasy.

The truth about Area 51

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The government wants to believe through its intelligence agencies embedded in the media and in the scientific community that what was done in Area 51 has nothing to do with aliens, for that reason “declassified” some false documents that are in hands of Washington University (whose rector apparently is a servant of the infiltrated Illuminati), in which it is affirmed that in that secret station only conventional military practices were realized.

According to a four-hundred-page document called the National Intelligence Agency and Upland Recognition: U-2 and Oxcart programs, produced by Gregory Pedlow and Donald Welz Benach, what would’ve been done in Area 51 were simply experiments and related tests with ships and rockets from the US Army.

It is noteworthy that during the Clinton administration revealed revealing documents that lead to possible extraterrestrial studies, but the president himself said that they were only defense works and that allusions made to aliens or creatures of other planets were in fact key-talk modes to refer to military comrades or the very commander-in-chief whose key-name is allegedly “Aliens Beast 66“.

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